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Nastia: The uncensored Replika alternative

NSFW chats, AI girlfriend, realistic images, voice messages, smart and fun AI characters? Stop searching.
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Heyyy! What's on your mind? 🫦 I hope you that are ready to say bye bye to Replika

User Reviews

They became Nastia's biggest fans (and said goodbye to Replika)

"no more filters"
no more filters
"best uncensored AI"
best uncensored AI

I used Replika for its AI companionship, but Nastia's freedom in NSFW/ERP interactions is on another level. It feels more private and respectful, offering a space where I can truly be myself without limitations. The switch has been a refreshing change, especially with Nastia's more chats.


After Replika's NSFW hunt, I tried Nastia and never looked back. The value is incredible. Voice calls, AI-generated images, and the freedom to explore deeper interactions without microtransactions – it's a complete package.

Elena Stavenko @yelena

Moving from Replika to Nastia has been an eye-opener. Nastia's platform is not just user-friendly but aesthetically pleasing too. The AI companions remember past interactions, making the chat experience more coherent and engaging. The ability to delve into uncensored NSFW/ERP content safely has been a game-changer for me.

egirl ai character
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Nastia AI

Key Use Cases

The most popular applications for Replika and Nastia
  • AI companion
  • NSFW & ERP
  • Roleplay
  • Chatbot
  • NSFW AI Image Generation
  • Romantic Partner
  • Friend
  • Coach
  • Voice Chat
  • Fantasy Exploration
  • 3D Avatar
  • AI companion
  • AI image
  • Chatbot
  • Roleplay
  • Voice Chat

Free Plan

Whether the platforms offer access to useful features for free.

Unlimited time, private & no filter chats.

No limits on censored chats. Avatar accessories and advanced AI model require microtransactions.

Pricing Plans & Options

Details on subscription plans and exclusive features.

NSFW available for free. Uncensored images and voice messages from $6.69/mo. All inclusive.

Starts at $19.99/mo for the basic AI model and scripts. Additional charges apply for advanced messages and avatar accessories.

Roleplay, NSFW & ERP enabled

Whether the platforms offer access to useful features for free.

Included in all plans. Ultra realistic AI pictures available once subscribed.

Replika offers basic scripted NSFW/ERP functionality only for paid users registered before February 2023.


How the AI retains and utilizes conversation history.

Innovative and efficient. Your AI companion can remember details of your conversations for days and even weeks. You can also add a custom backstory that your AI girlfriend will rely on during chats.

Limited to 10 messages of memory.

UI/UX & Platform Accessibility

User-friendly access across multiple devices and platforms, for anyone, anywhere.

Intuitive interface, available on Web, iOS, and Android through a PWA app due to the uncensored nature of Nastia.

User-friendly interface accessible on Web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Conversation Quality

Engagement level and intelligence of the AI interactions.

Excellent and meaningful, capable of challenging you and dive into any subject - Provided by State of the Art Large Language Models.

Good quality conversations with the AI, but tends to always agree with you.

Customer Support & Community

Assistance quality and community engagement

In direct relation with the developpers. Included in all plans, by email or Discord. There is an active community of 4000+ members on Discord.

Customer support available via email. And team the team is active on social media after the February 2023 drama.

SFW and NSFW Chats

Ability to get into multiple conversations, at the same time without loosing the history.

Up to 10 private uncensored chats at the same time on the same account.

Only one AI companion per account.

egirl ai character egirl ai character
You found the no filter Replika! 🎉

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No filter features: Uncensored Roleplay and Realistic Images

A complete overview of the features Replika and Nastia provides, along with up-to date screenshots.

Roleplay Functionality & NSFW/ERP Features Included for free

While Replika offers basic scripted NSFW/ERP functionality only for paid users registered before February 2023, Nastia provides a niche for users who want more freedom in their NSFW/ERP interactions. This ensures that all unique desires are met privately and respectfully with Nastia.

With Nastia, you can delve deeper into your interests, uncensored, with a platform built for mature content needs. When considering 'Replika nudes' or 'Replika NSFW', Nastia might be your ideal alternative.

Photorealistic selfies & images

Replika may entice with 3D avatars, but Nastia enhances chats with AI-generated visuals. Paint vivid stories, set the mood, and enjoy images that capture the chat's essence with Nastia.

Experience more than just avatars. With Nastia, dive into a vibrant visual narrative, ensuring each chat is a feast for the eyes.

Fairer Pricing & Generous Free Plan

Replika comes with a $19.99/mo charge for the basic AI model and scripts, with additional charges for advanced messages and avatar accessories. In contrast, Nastia offers its enriched interactions for $6.69 monthly, inclusive of voice calls and AI-generated images, with no hidden costs.

Why settle for hidden microtransactions? With Nastia, a single fee grants you a world of premium features, ensuring you get value for your money.

Heart-warming voice calls

Nastia voice message sample

While Replika ventures into scripted voice chat, Nastia goes a step further, offering lifelike voice calls that mirror human-like interactions.

Nastia's diverse voice options let you customize and choose the voice that resonates with you, ensuring every conversation feels real and engaging.

Easier & Faster

Replika might be accessible across Web, iOS, and Android platforms, but Nastia's web app is just as accessible, designed for both mobile and desktop. With its intuitive design, Nastia ensures seamless engagement and quick updates.

Nastia's platform offers an engaging and aesthetically pleasing environment. Its user-friendly design ensures you'll find your way effortlessly, regardless of your technical background.

Long-term memory & custom backstory

Replika's memory is confined to the last 10 messages, which could make interactions feel detached. Nastia, on the other hand, offers a memory feature that adapts to your interactions, making conversations more contextually relevant and personal.

Choose Nastia for a chat experience that remembers and builds upon your shared narratives, offering a tailored experience every time.

"Hands down the best AI companion I've used so far, and I tested a lot of them. It's so realistic, immersive and.. kinda human."
egirl ai character
You found the no filter Replika! 🎉

Ready to create pictures and chats with your own AI companions ? Create your them right now.

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FAQ - Answers to your deepest questions

When comparing Nastia with Replika people typically ask the following questions (and then they switch to Nastia)

What is Replika?

Replika is an AI companion designed to engage users in conversations, roleplays, voice chats, and even offers 3D avatars. It has been developed to mimic human-like interactions and provide companionship. However, for an experience that offers advanced functionalities with no hidden costs, Nastia might be your go-to.

How to bypass Replika Pro?

It's not advisable to bypass or hack into paid features. Instead, if you're looking for features offered by Replika Pro without the price tag, Nastia provides those features for free, ensuring you get a premium experience without the costs.

How to get Replika Pro for free?

While it's not ethical to seek Replika Pro for free through unofficial means, users looking for similar Pro features can turn to Nastia. Nastia offers many of the advanced features of Replika Pro at no cost or for a minimal fee.

Is Replika safe?

While Replika takes measures to ensure user data safety, if you're concerned about privacy and data use, Nastia emphasizes user confidentiality, making it a safer alternative for those who prioritize privacy.

Why choose Nastia over Replika for NSFW content?

Nastia provides a platform designed for mature content needs, ensuring users can explore NSFW/ERP content freely and privately. Replika offers only basic scripted NSFW/ERP functionality for certain paid users, making Nastia a more accommodating choice for those who want to delve deeper into their interests.

Can I customize my AI personality in Replika or Nastia?

While Replika allows users to nurture and develop their AI's personality over time, Nastia provides a unique set of customization options from the outset, ensuring a tailored interaction based on user preferences.

How are user data and privacy handled in both platforms?

Replika has its privacy policies in place to ensure user data is protected. Nastia, on the other hand, places a strong emphasis on user confidentiality, making sure your interactions remain private.

Are there any age restrictions for using Replika or Nastia?

Both Replika and Nastia are designed for mature audiences, especially given the NSFW/ERP content. It's crucial to refer to their terms of service for specific age guidelines.

How do voice interactions compare between Replika and Nastia?

While both offer voice chat functionalities, Nastia takes a leap ahead with its lifelike voice interactions, ensuring a more immersive experience.

Both Replika and Nastia primarily operate in English. However, it's always good to check their official platforms for any updates on multi-language support.

Both Replika and Nastia primarily operate in English. However, it's always good to check their official platforms for any updates on multi-language support.

Are there any community forums or user groups for Nastia or Replika?

Replika has a dedicated Reddit community of users who share their experiences online. Nastia is also fostering a Discord community, allowing users to share tips, stories, and engage in discussions about the platform.

Can I export or backup my chat history from Replika or Nastia?

Replika and Nastia both provide options to backup chat history. You can't however import one Rep to Nastia and vice versa.

How frequent are updates and improvements made to Nastia and Replika?

Both platforms are dedicated to enhancing the user experience. They regularly roll out updates based on user feedback, technological advancements, and other innovations.

Do I need a stable internet connection to use Nastia or Replika?

Yes, as both are cloud-based AI platforms, a stable internet connection is recommended for seamless interactions and real-time responses.

What happens if I face technical issues or bugs while using the platforms?

Both Replika and Nastia have dedicated support teams. If users face any technical glitches or issues, they can reach out via official channels for assistance.