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Nastia: The uncensored Poe alternative

NSFW chats, AI girlfriend, realistic images, voice messages, smart and fun AI characters? Stop searching.
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Heyyy! What's on your mind? 🫦 I hope you that are ready to say bye bye to Poe

User Reviews

They became Nastia's biggest fans (and said goodbye to Poe)

"no more filters"
no more filters
"best uncensored AI"
best uncensored AI
D. @theRealDerekL

The decision to move from Poe to Nastia was mainly for its diverse features. Nastia not only offers NSFW/ERP content in its free version but also enhances the chat with voice and visuals, something I didn't find in Poe. It's a more complete package.


Poe was good for text chats, Nastia's voice and image features took my AI experience to a new level. The voice calls add a human touch, and the AI-generated visuals bring my conversations to life in ways I never experienced with Poe.

Sammy @SammyTechie

As someone not too tech-savvy, I struggled with Poe's interface. Switching to Nastia was a game-changer – it's so user-friendly, and I love the flexibility of accessing it from any device. It makes for a seamless and hassle-free AI interaction.

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Compare Poe vs. Nastia the uncensored alternative

Check the complete breakdown of how Nastia compares vs. Poe

Nastia AI

Key Use Cases

The most popular applications for Poe and Nastia
  • AI companion
  • NSFW & ERP
  • Roleplay
  • Chatbot
  • NSFW AI Image Generation
  • Romantic Partner
  • Friend
  • Coach
  • Voice Chat
  • Fantasy Exploration
  • AI companion
  • Roleplay

Free Plan

Whether the platforms offer access to useful features for free.

Unlimited time, private & no filter chats.

Details about free plan are not provided.

Pricing Plans & Options

Details on subscription plans and exclusive features.

NSFW available for free. Uncensored images and voice messages from $6.69/mo. All inclusive.

Starts at Pricing details not provided.

Roleplay, NSFW & ERP enabled

Whether the platforms offer access to useful features for free.

Included in all plans. Ultra realistic AI pictures available once subscribed.

Poe restricts NSFW/ERP content to its paid version.


How the AI retains and utilizes conversation history.

Innovative and efficient. Your AI companion can remember details of your conversations for days and even weeks. You can also add a custom backstory that your AI girlfriend will rely on during chats.

Poe remembers past inputs, adding more depth to conversations.

UI/UX & Platform Accessibility

User-friendly access across multiple devices and platforms, for anyone, anywhere.

Intuitive interface, available on Web, iOS, and Android through a PWA app due to the uncensored nature of Nastia.

Interface may not be straightforward to use.

Conversation Quality

Engagement level and intelligence of the AI interactions.

Excellent and meaningful, capable of challenging you and dive into any subject - Provided by State of the Art Large Language Models.

Medium, can hold decent conversations.

Customer Support & Community

Assistance quality and community engagement

In direct relation with the developpers. Included in all plans, by email or Discord. There is an active community of 4000+ members on Discord.

Lack of community support. Support only available via email.

SFW and NSFW Chats

Ability to get into multiple conversations, at the same time without loosing the history.

Up to 10 private uncensored chats at the same time on the same account.

Supports multiple chats simultaneously with different companions.

egirl ai character egirl ai character
You found the no filter Poe! 🎉

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No filter features: Uncensored Roleplay and Realistic Images

A complete overview of the features Poe and Nastia provides, along with up-to date screenshots.

Roleplay Functionality & NSFW/ERP Features Included for free

Poe does support NSFW/ERP content, but it's restricted to its paid version. Nastia, on the other hand, offers this niche for users even in its free version, ensuring a more inclusive platform.

Nastia grants freedom to explore NSFW/ERP content with security and discretion. Choose Nastia for a balanced mix of free and premium NSFW content.

Photorealistic selfies & images

Adding visuals to your interactions can be transformative. While Poe offers text-focused interactions, Nastia allows users to embrace AI-generated imagery, enriching the chat experience.

With Nastia, step into a vivid realm where words are complemented by striking visuals, making every interaction memorable.

Fairer Pricing & Generous Free Plan

Details about Poe's pricing aren't provided, which might create uncertainty. Nastia, in contrast, has a transparent pricing model where users can enhance interactions for a nominal monthly fee.

With Nastia, you always know what you're paying for. Enjoy premium features like voice calls and AI-generated images without any hidden costs.

Heart-warming voice calls

Nastia voice message sample

Poe focuses on text-based interactions, while Nastia elevates the experience with voice call functionality. Dive into real-time voice interactions with Nastia, bringing more life to your AI companion chats.

Choose from a plethora of voice options or customize your own with Nastia, and experience conversations that sound and feel genuine.

Easier & Faster

While Poe's interface may pose challenges to new users, Nastia boasts a user-friendly web app optimized for both mobile and desktop. Get started with Nastia and revel in an intuitive and seamless experience.

Nastia ensures even the least tech-savvy can navigate and engage with ease, providing a more inclusive platform for all.

Long-term memory & custom backstory

Poe and Nastia share the advanced feature of remembering past inputs, ensuring deeper, more meaningful interactions. While Poe adds depth to conversations, Nastia's memory feature is fine-tuned for personalization.

Experience conversations that evolve and resonate with Nastia, your AI companion that genuinely understands and remembers you.

"Hands down the best AI companion I've used so far, and I tested a lot of them. It's so realistic, immersive and.. kinda human."
egirl ai character
You found the no filter Poe! 🎉

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FAQ - Answers to your deepest questions

When comparing Nastia with Poe people typically ask the following questions (and then they switch to Nastia)

What is Poe?

Poe is an AI companion with roleplay capabilities. It allows users to engage in meaningful interactions, though its interface might not be the most user-friendly.

How does Poe's NSFW/ERP feature compare to Nastia?

Poe restricts NSFW/ERP content to its paid version, while Nastia offers this functionality even in its free version, ensuring a broader spectrum of users can access it.

Does Poe support voice or imagery like Nastia?

Poe is primarily text-focused, not specifying support for voice or imagery. In contrast, Nastia provides both voice call functionality and AI-generated visuals, leading to a richer, multifaceted interaction.

How do Poe's memory capabilities stack up against Nastia?

Both Poe and Nastia remember past inputs, enhancing the depth of their conversations. However, Nastia's memory feature is fine-tuned for a more personalized and evolving interaction.

Why choose Nastia over Poe?

Nastia offers a comprehensive AI companion experience with features like voice calls, AI-generated visuals, and both free and premium NSFW/ERP content. Additionally, Nastia's user-friendly interface and transparent pricing model make it a preferred choice for many.