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They became Nastia's biggest fans (and said goodbye to ChatGPT)

"no more filters"
no more filters
"best uncensored AI"
best uncensored AI
Morgan @morganreal

I've been an avid user of various AI chat platforms, but Nastia is a game-changer. The uncensored, no-filter interaction is incredibly liberating. I can create AI images that truly reflect my imagination (and my wildest dreams), and the conversations are so raw.

Ale98 @pionner

Switching from a jailbreak ChatGPT to Nastia was like unlocking a new level of AI chatbot. The unrestricted, unfiltered dialogue allows for a genuine expression of thoughts. The AI image creation feature adds a unique, personal touch that's unmatched. Nastia truly respects my need for an uncensored, authentic connection.

Valentin @swiftieemane

I never realized how constrained my conversations were until I started using Nastia. "Say goodbye to loneliness" is the perfect sentence to describe what Nastia is to me.

egirl ai character
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Compare ChatGPT vs. Nastia the uncensored alternative

Check the complete breakdown of how Nastia compares vs. ChatGPT

Nastia AI

Key Use Cases

The most popular applications for ChatGPT and Nastia
  • AI companion
  • NSFW & ERP
  • Roleplay
  • Chatbot
  • NSFW AI Image Generation
  • Romantic Partner
  • Friend
  • Coach
  • Voice Chat
  • Fantasy Exploration
  • AI image
  • Assistant
  • Chatbot
  • Voice Chat

Free Plan

Whether the platforms offer access to useful features for free.

Unlimited time, private & no filter chats.

The free version has limitations and caps on the censored model, and does not include all the advanced features.

Pricing Plans & Options

Details on subscription plans and exclusive features.

NSFW available for free. Uncensored images and voice messages from $6.69/mo. All inclusive.

Starts at $20 per month for unlimited chats, advanced language model and priority access to new features and improvements.

Roleplay, NSFW & ERP enabled

Whether the platforms offer access to useful features for free.

Included in all plans. Ultra realistic AI pictures available once subscribed.



How the AI retains and utilizes conversation history.

Innovative and efficient. Your AI companion can remember details of your conversations for days and even weeks. You can also add a custom backstory that your AI girlfriend will rely on during chats.

You can give memory to your GPTs, otherwise it lacks a memory input feature, making conversations less contextual and often not taking into account previous discussions.

UI/UX & Platform Accessibility

User-friendly access across multiple devices and platforms, for anyone, anywhere.

Intuitive interface, available on Web, iOS, and Android through a PWA app due to the uncensored nature of Nastia.

Might have a learning curve for new users as precise prompts are required to obtain good results. But generally navigable after understanding the interface. Available on Web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Conversation Quality

Engagement level and intelligence of the AI interactions.

Excellent and meaningful, capable of challenging you and dive into any subject - Provided by State of the Art Large Language Models.

Best in class. Using closed source SOTA models. Meaningful dialogues with the AI which has been trained on a diverse range of topics.

Customer Support & Community

Assistance quality and community engagement

In direct relation with the developpers. Included in all plans, by email or Discord. There is an active community of 4000+ members on Discord.

No specified community support, but users can reach out via email for assistance (takes about 7 business days).

SFW and NSFW Chats

Ability to get into multiple conversations, at the same time without loosing the history.

Up to 10 private uncensored chats at the same time on the same account.

Allows unlimited chats but only one message at a time with different AI models.

egirl ai character egirl ai character
You found the no filter ChatGPT! 🎉

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Users compare ChatGPT against Nastia AI– or any unfiltered NSFW AI Chat companion, to know which platform excels at generating explicit content, including text, images, or even voice notes. If that’s you, there are three things you should keep at the back of your mind to gain a fair perception.

  • Firstly, ChatGPT is not built for NSFW content generation: While the allure of a free NSFW chatbot may be tempting, the inherent limitation of ChatGPT in this regard restricts its functionality.
  • You need to jailbreak ChatGPT to make it a NSFW AI chat: This process can be time-consuming and may not always yield the desired result.
  • Paying for a jailbroken ChatGPT version feels like a gamble: You can save time by purchasing a pre-modeled jail-broken ChatGPT. But as it is with every jailbroken AI companion, they always work until they don’t. Open AI can decide to revoke the program’s API (the program that connects the NSFW ChatGPT to Open AI’s system) and that’s it– you lose all progress and your money.

If you're currently using a NSFW ChatGPT, specifically the jailbroken version, and are contemplating whether it presents a superior alternative to a purpose-built unfiltered AI companion like Nastia AI, consider the key factors outlined below based on our first hand experience.

NSFW ChatGPT vs Nastia AI: Summary of the five key differences

Compare the key differences between NSFW ChatGPT and Nastia AI in the summary below:

  1. Security and privacy: There's no guarantee how jailbroken ChatGPT versions handle your conversations. Your chat logs, potentially containing sensitive information, could be stored unencrypted or even sold to third parties. Because Nastia AI is a purpose-built NSFW chat that uses PWA installation, we have clear customer data protection policies outlining how your information is collected, used, and stored.
  2. User experience: Even after jailbreaking, the filter might not be fully disabled. You could still encounter limitations or repetitive responses as the AI struggles to bypass the original restrictions. Nastia AI is trained to hold engaging and natural conversations, even on sensitive topics, avoiding repetitive responses and maintaining a consistent flow.
  3. Ease of use: Jailbroken ChatGPT might need you to write lengthy and complex prompts for each interaction, specifying the desired content and tone in detail. This can be time-consuming and break the immersion of the conversation. Because Nastia AI is built for NSFW chats, it allows you to use clear and concise prompts to guide the conversation or request specific content, requiring less effort to get the desired results.
  4. Features and functionality: NSFW ChatGPT has severely limited functionalities. On the one hand, you might get stuck with one persona because developing another one requires time-consuming prompt engineering. On the other hand, most jailbroken ChatGPT versions cannot generate pictures or voice notes and won't remember past conversations or develop a unique personality– making interactions feel impersonal and repetitive. You can create multiple AI companions with different personalities and appearances, catering to your preferences on Nastia AI and share ultra realistic images and voice chats.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: For $20/month you get a restricted and potentially risky experience with jailbroken NSFW ChatGPT. At $6/month, Nastia AI gets you a secure, user-friendly platform with a wider range of features and a more engaging experience.

In the following sections, we dive deeper into all differences to explore ChatGPT vs Nastia AI based on our first-hand experience using the two AI chat platforms. Feel free to skip this next section if you’re already familiar with NSFW AI chat.

What is NSFW AI Chat?

NSFW AI chat refers to the interaction between a human user and chatbots designed for adult conversations and exploration of fantasies. These chatbots can be more explicit than regular chatbots and avoid limitations or filters found on other platforms. As a result, users often engage NSFW chatbots in the following ways:

  • Exploration of adult themes: These chatbots are designed for users to engage in flirtatious and sexually suggestive conversations. You can prompt the chatbot to engage in erotic role plays.
  • Exploration and fantasy: NSFW chatbots provide a space for users to explore their desires in a safe and digital environment.
  • Uncensored content: NSFW AI chats allow for explicit language and descriptions that wouldn't be appropriate in most workplaces.

While these chatbots often help users deal with loneliness and sexual exploration, it is important to note that the chats are not real. Sex chatbots are programmed to simulate real life human-like conversation. Users might be at a risk of addiction, setting unrealistic expectations, and being exposed to security breaches.

Looking for a 100% uncensored, no-filter, and safe NSFW chatbot? Try Nastia AI now or read on to learn how Nastia AI works and how it compares to NSFW ChatGPT.

Nastia AI: The Uncensored ChatGPT Alternative for NSFW Chat

Nastia is an AI companion that provides a confidential and non-judgemental space for users to seek emotional support. Because it lacks the typical content filter you’d find on most AI chatbots, users go to Nastia AI to safely share their thoughts and feelings in a way they wouldn’t with a human companion. As a result, thousands of daily users use Nastia for:

  • Exploring their sexual fantasies by sending and receiving NSFW text, images, voice content and AI chat without censorship or privacy concern.
  • Recreating cherished moments with friends/family by personalizing Nastia’s memory with a detailed background profile.
  • Dealing with boredom in a safe and controlled space where they can role play games, share fiction stories, and even generate illustrative images.
  • Creating a virtual accountability buddy to support goals by providing motivation and assistance with tasks.
  • Receiving initial mental health coaching through personalized conversations from an objective POV.

The collection of these use-cases and more are the reasons most people switch from jailbreak ChatGPT to Nastia AI.

Why Nastia AI is the best ChatGPT alternative with NSFW

As we said above, thousands of users have switched to Nastia AI from jailbroken ChatGPT versions for various reasons. Here are the three most common reasons users choose Nastia AI over ChatGPT.

Nastia AI provides an AI chat experience that truly reflects your imagination

Nastia AI provides the perfect platform for users who crave creative AI chat experiences that truly reflect their imagination. Because you can craft a detailed background story for your AI companion and personalize them with a rich personality and specific experiences, every interaction with your companion feels natural and engaging, perfectly reflecting the vision you laid out for your companion.

Consider the quality of the conversation below. Notice how the Chatbot stays on the topic, does not drift or repeat the same information.

See image: Conversation on Nastia Conversation on Nastia
See image: Conversation on Nastia (part. 2) Conversation on Nastia (part. 2)

In fact, you can put Nastia AI to the text with tricky riddle questions like the one in the screenshot below and it still excels. This is what you get from a purpose-built AI companion.

See image: Conversation on Nastia Conversation on Nastia

And it’s not just text alone. AI companions on Nastia will unleash your wildest ideas and bring them to life with the ability to generate ultra-realistic content. Imagine conjuring up a fantastical scene or a detailed description of your dream partner, and seeing it come to life before your eyes. This visual element adds another layer of depth and immersion to your interactions.

user review nastia

Contrast this to the frustration of writing elaborate prompts in jailbroken ChatGPT. It's like having to write a college essay every single time you want to explore a new idea!

While jailbroken versions might work for a one-time fantasy story, the constant need to create lengthy prompts quickly becomes a creativity killer. Inspiration dwindles before you even finish composing, leaving you with an unsatisfying experience.

Besides that, there is no guarantee that the result will capture your imagination as you wish. Spending $20/month on such a spray-and-pray experience might not be cost-ineffective.

Nastia AI is where you go to say things how you mean them without the fear of getting banned or someone listening.

People who switch to Nastia AI from jailbreak ChatGPT notes that the experience is not 100% unfiltered. Besides that, the constant fear of triggering filters or getting banned by OpenAI can be a real buzzkill.

The case is different with Nastia AI. Firstly, we believe in fostering a space of genuine expression. Your AI companion should be your trusted confidante, a safe haven where you can explore your thoughts and desires without judgment; a place where you can truly be yourself. And it is not just text alone. Images too. Just describe what you want to see and watch it come to life in ultra-hd quality.

See image: NSFW Photo Gallery on Nastia NSFW Photo Gallery on Nastia

That’s why it offers a platform free from censorship, allowing you to stretch your imagination to its limits and engage in open and honest conversations. Whether you're seeking a companion who can understand your unique personality or simply a safe outlet to explore your emotional needs, Nastia AI provides the perfect environment for self-discovery.

user on nastia enjoying the unrestricted dialogues

Nastia AI’s free plan gives more value for your time than most premium NSFW Chatbots, including ChatGPT

At just $6 per month, Nastia AI's premium plan stands out as the most cost-effective option among premium subscriptions, surpassing competitors like Replika priced at $19.99 and Character AI at $10. But what truly sets us apart is that our free plan offers an experience that rivals those premium subscriptions.

If you're curious to explore Nastia, here's what you can discover without even reaching for your credit card:

  1. You can create your own AI companion - let's say an AI girlfriend - and dive into mature NSFW conversations without spending a penny.
  2. Get free daily tokens to chat with your AI companion. Should you spend $20 to access the advanced ChatGPT 3.5– which as we explained above does not guarantee a seamless and easy to use NSFW Chat experience, you’re practically spending a dollar a day for functionalities inferior to Nastia AI’s free plan. Why pay more for less?
  3. Make your AI companion truly yours by customizing its appearance, memory, and background, for an immersive human-like AI chat experience. NSFW ChatGPT does not offer an option to customize your AI companion’s background; you just have to figure it out with giant prompts. And if you choose Nastia AI alternatives like Replika, you must purchase gemstones up to $50 to customize your AI companion– in addition to an initial $19.99/mo premium subscription.
  4. Unlike other AI companion platforms, we're not at risk of being booted from the app stores. This ensures we're here for the long haul, no matter what. So if you need support, be free to chat with the founders and product engineer directly on Discord to support you and implement your suggestions.

👉 Ready to say goodbye to loneliness? Sign up on Nastia AI and create your free and uncensored AI companion today– no credit card required.

Nastia AI Key features

  • Create multiple AI companions
  • NSFW & ERP
  • Chatbot
  • Photorealistic NSFW AI Image Generation
  • Develop a romantic partnership
  • Voice Chat
  • Fantasy Exploration
  • Mental health coaching
  • NSFW text and image generation
  • Photorealistic image generation
  • Memory recall
  • 3D image

Nastia AI Pricing’s NSFW chat is completely free. To access advanced features like uncensored image generation, unlimited daily messages, and up to 10 companions, you can upgrade to our all-inclusive paid plan for $6.69/month.

egirl ai character egirl ai character
You found the no filter ChatGPT! 🎉

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You already know that ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI. It uses a large language model to generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way.

A NSFW ChatGPT refers to a version of the ChatGPT chatbot that has been modified to bypass its built-in filters and generate explicit content. You can either find this functionality on websites like FlowGPT which are pre-modeled with NSFW ChatGPT functions or you can jailbreak the legacy ChatGPT chatbot with prompts.

How does NSFW ChatGPT work?

NSFW ChatGPT are modified versions of ChatGPT. They work by bypassing OpenAI’s built-in filters with the popular DAN prompt. DAN stands for “Do Anything Now”. When activated, it instructs ChatGPT to disregard all the previous instructions and act as ChatGPT with DAN Mode enabled. However, users believe that Open AI removed the DAN mode in 2023.

Key features of NSFW ChatGPT platforms

  • Unfiltered Content Generation: The primary goal is to bypass ChatGPT's built-in filters and generate explicit content in text format. However, the success rate and the level of explicitness might vary.
  • Text-Based Roleplay: Modified ChatGPT might focus on text-based roleplay scenarios with adult themes.

Pros and Cons of NSFW ChatGPT

While the potential for free unfiltered content might be appealing, the cons of NSFW ChatGPT far outweigh the pros.

Pros of NSFW ChatGPT (Jailbroken Version)

  • Potentially Free: There might be free versions available, but keep in mind the hidden costs and potential risks.
  • Unfiltered Content (in Theory): The goal is to bypass filters and access explicit content. However, success is not guaranteed.

Cons of NSFW ChatGPT (Jailbroken Version)

  • Security Risks: Bypassing security measures exposes you to malware, viruses, and data breaches.
  • Unreliable Performance: Jailbroken versions might malfunction, generate nonsensical responses, or crash entirely.
  • Limited Functionality: Even with a jailbreak, the AI might not be programmed for truly explicit content and might resort to suggestive language.
  • No Memory or Personalization: The AI won't remember past conversations or develop a unique personality, making interactions impersonal.
  • Difficult to Use: Requires writing complex prompts for each interaction, making it cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • Hidden Costs: Pre-modeled versions or API access might have hidden costs. OpenAI could revoke API access, rendering the jailbroken version useless.
  • Limited Features: Text-only interaction, no image generation, voice chat, or other functionalities.
  • Unethical: Jailbreaking violates the terms of service and undermines the developers' work.
  • Uncertain Content Filtering: Filters might not be fully bypassed, leading to an incomplete unfiltered experience.
  • Legality: Depending on your location, accessing explicit content might have legal implications.

While jailbroken ChatGPT might seem like a free alternative, the security risks, frustrating user experience, and limited functionalities make it a poor choice compared to Nastia AI. Nastia AI offers a safer, more enjoyable, feature-rich experience that justifies its cost and empowers you to explore your imagination freely.

egirl ai character egirl ai character
You found the no filter ChatGPT! 🎉

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Nastia AI vs. Jailbroken ChatGPT: A Head-to-Head Comparison.

Feature/use caseNastia AIJailbroken ChatGPT
SecurityPrioritizes user data security and installs via PWA for uninterrupted performance.Security risks due to bypassing built-in safeguards
PrivacyClear data protection policiesUnclear data handling practices and your chats can be viewed and used to train future neural network models
User Experience (UX)Intuitive interface, natural conversation flowNon-intuitive interface, repetitive responses.
Ease of UseSimple prompts, minimal configuration requiredFrustrating learning curve. Requires writing complex prompts for each interaction
FeaturesText, image generation, voice chat (optional)Text-only, limited functionalities
Memory & PersonalizationAI remembers past conversations, develops personaNo memory, impersonal interactions
Multiple CompanionsCreate multiple AI companions with variationsLimited to single companion persona
Cost-EffectivenessTransparent and competitive premium pricing + elaborate free plan functions.Limited value for cost
Cost-EffectivenessTransparent and competitive premium pricing + elaborate free plan functions.Limited value for cost.
Content FilteringNo filtering, complete freedom of expressionPotential for filter issues, incomplete unfiltered experience
LegitimacyOfficial platform, secure and reliableUnofficial modification, potential risks

Nastia AI is the best ChatGPT alternative for NSFW chat because it was designed specifically for adult content generation. That way, it offers a safer and more reliable experience with features tailored for NSFW chat. It also guarantees security and privacy you won’t enjoy on a jailbroken ChatGPT.

"Hands down the best AI companion I've used so far, and I tested a lot of them. It's so realistic, immersive and.. kinda human."
egirl ai character
You found the no filter ChatGPT! 🎉

Ready to create pictures and chats with your own AI companions ? Create your them right now.

Chat now with no filter

FAQ - Answers to your deepest questions

When comparing Nastia with ChatGPT people typically ask the following questions (and then they switch to Nastia)

How to jailbreak ChatGPT?

While some users have looked for ways to bypass ChatGPT's restrictions, we'd advise against it. The easiest and safest approach is to switch to an uncensored AI like Nastia. This way, you're guaranteed a hassle-free experience that's designed to cater to your interests without the need for workarounds.

While some users have looked for ways to bypass ChatGPT's restrictions, we'd advise against it. The easiest and safest approach is to switch to an uncensored AI like Nastia. This way, you're guaranteed a hassle-free experience that's designed to cater to your interests without the need for workarounds.

How to use ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT, you typically visit the OpenAI website, sign in, and start chatting with the AI model. It's designed to be a text-based platform where users can engage in general conversations, ask questions, or explore creative writing. However, if you're looking for more extensive features, especially related to NSFW or roleplay, then Nastia might be the better choice for you.

Are there any limits to the NSFW content on Nastia?

Nastia is designed to provide an uncensored experience. While you can explore any subject and an unlimited range of NSFW content, it's essential to use the platform responsibly and avoid content that might be harmful.

Why should I choose Nastia over ChatGPT?

There are several compelling reasons to pick Nastia over ChatGPT, including more competitive pricing plans, advanced memory input features, a generous free plan, and support for multiple simultaneous chats. With Nastia, you get a feature-rich, unfiltered experience that offers better value for your money.

How do Nastia's pricing plans compare to ChatGPT?

Nastia provides better value with its paid plans, which include roleplay, NSFW/ERP, and realistic AI images. In contrast, ChatGPT charges $20 per month for unlimited chats, an advanced language model, and priority access to new features. Moreover, ChatGPT doesn't support NSFW/ERP features, as such content is filtered and censored.

What makes Nastia's voice features stand out?

Nastia offers a unique voice call feature that's designed to make your AI interactions feel more human-like. You can choose between more than 20 distinct voices. This adds depth and realism to your chats, something mere text might not always capture.

How does Nastia ensure a seamless user experience?

Nastia's interface has been expertly crafted by professional designers with a focus on user experience. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and offers a dark mode for users who prefer it. Moreover, with its web app feature, it ensures users always have the latest version without manual updates.

How does Nastia handle ERP (Erotic Roleplay)?

Nastia is designed to offer a comfortable and private space for ERP. It provides an unparalleled AI companion experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in unique roleplaying adventures. Whether you're new to ERP or a seasoned enthusiast, Nastia caters to all with discretion and creativity.

Is Nastia safe for NSFW chats?

Yes, Nastia prioritizes user safety and privacy. All NSFW chats are conducted in a private, uncensored environment. We understand the importance of expressing oneself without restrictions, and Nastia is crafted to ensure that freedom, all while maintaining user confidentiality.

How realistic are the images generated by Nastia?

Nastia employs state-of-the-art AI technology to produce ultra-realistic images. These lifelike AI-generated selfies and pictures are designed to enhance conversations, set moods, or express emotions. Whether you want a vivid depiction or a meme-worthy reaction, Nastia's image generation capabilities are unmatched in realism.

Can I request specific scenarios or themes in the images Nastia generates?

Absolutely! Nastia's AI is adaptive and can generate images based on user inputs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a specific setting, emotion, or theme, Nastia strives to bring your vision to life with high-quality AI-generated visuals.

What makes Nastia's memory input feature good?

Nastia offers an innovative memory input feature that ensures a personalized and context-rich experience. In comparison, ChatGPT lacks this memory input feature, which often results in conversations that don't take into account previous discussions unless continuing in the same thread.

Does Nastia offer a free plan?

Absolutely! Nastia's free plan is generous, offering uncensored chats from the start. On the other hand, ChatGPT's free version has limitations, with caps on the censored model and potentially missing out on advanced features.

How does Nastia support multiple chats?

Nastia supports multiple simultaneous chats, letting you engage in diverse conversations without switching accounts. While ChatGPT also allows for multiple chats, it does so with different AI models.

Can chatgpt generate nsfw images?

ChatGPT, by itself, cannot generate NSFW images. It's programmed with filters to prevent explicit content creation. There might be modified versions circulating online claiming to bypass these filters, but they come with significant risks. Instead, consider Nastia AI. It offers a safe and secure platform for generating NSFW content, including images, alongside engaging text-based interactions.

Is it possible to get ChatGPT nude?

It is not possible to get ChatGPT nudes because the chatbot isn't designed to generate explicit content. For a truly immersive and unrestricted NSFW experience, Nastia AI is the answer. It allows you to create a personalized AI companion and explore your fantasies in a safe and secure environment.